Virtual Consultations at Step Right Health

The Convenience Factor

Virtual Consultations are ideal for those who have mobility issues, are located at a distance from our clinic, or have hectic schedules that make in-person visits challenging. You can schedule these consultations at your convenience, reducing the time and effort typically associated with healthcare visits.

What to Expect in a Virtual Consultation

Our virtual sessions are comprehensive and include the following steps:

Detailed Discussion

We begin with a thorough discussion of your symptoms, history, and any immediate concerns you have.

Visual Assessment

You have the option to share photos or videos of your condition, which aids our specialists in making a more accurate preliminary assessment.

Immediate Steps for Relief

Based on the discussion and visual assessment, we provide actionable advice on immediate steps you can take to relieve discomfort or manage your condition.

Determining Further Steps

One of the key advantages of a virtual consultation is that it helps us triage your
needs. We use the information gathered during the consultation to:

Recommend Diagnostic Tests

If required, we will advise you on necessary diagnostic tests that you can schedule at your earliest convenience.

Plan In-Person Visits

In cases where a physical examination, treatment, or surgical consultation is necessary, we can schedule an in-person appointment at our clinic.

Technical Requirements

All you need for a virtual consultation is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a reliable internet connection.

Aftercare and Follow-Up

Your care doesn't end when the virtual session does. We schedule follow-up consultations, whether virtual or in-person, to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

Insurance and Payment Options

Many healthcare plans cover virtual consultations, making it a cost-effective option for many of our patients. We also offer various payment options for your convenience.

By leveraging the benefits of technology, Step Right Health ensures that expert foot care is accessible to everyone, no matter where you are.