Verruca Treatment at Step Right Health

What are Verrucas?

Verrucas are specialized warts that usually manifest on the pressure points of the soles of your feet. They are viral infections caused by strands of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The presentation can vary from a single, isolated wart to a more complex cluster known as mosaic warts. Though generally not a life-threatening condition, their presence can significantly impact your comfort and quality of life, especially when walking or standing.

Initial Assessment

Your journey towards a wart-free life starts with a comprehensive initial assessment. A dedicated clinician will perform a thorough visual and dermatological examination of your feet. For complex or recurring verrucas.

A Spectrum of Treatment Options

We believe in the power of choice, and Step Right Health offers a spectrum of treatments, each designed to cater to different types of verrucas and patient needs. From topically applied antiviral creams and salicylic acid preparations to cryotherapy, we provide you with a range of options. Cryotherapy involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze and eliminate the wart tissue. For persistent or complicated verrucas, we also offer cutting-edge laser treatments, which are proven to be highly effective.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Verruca treatment isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. That's why our podiatrist collaborates with you to develop a treatment plan that's just right for you. Whether it's a combination of cryotherapy sessions with topical creams, or a series of laser treatments, we ensure that the strategy employed maximizes effectiveness while minimizing discomfort.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Post-Treatment Care

Eradicating verrucas is just the first part of the process; keeping them at bay is the next. We equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to prevent a recurrence. This includes recommendations for over-the-counter antiviral creams, specific hygiene practices, and even specialized footwear that reduces pressure on vulnerable parts of the foot.

Holistic Care

Beyond the immediate concern of wart removal, we adopt a holistic approach that aims to enhance your overall health and well-being. Our team can provide you with dietary advice and lifestyle changes that may boost your immune system, making you less susceptible to HPV and other viruses

Virtual Consultations at Step Right Health Today

In today's fast-paced world, we understand that taking out time for frequent clinic visits may not always be possible. To make life easier for you, Step Right Health offers virtual consultations where you can discuss your treatment progress and address any concerns, right from the comfort of your home or office.

By choosing Step Right Health for your verruca treatment, you're not just resolving a dermatological issue; you're investing in your long-term foot health and, by extension, your overall quality of life.